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The California Supreme Court upheld Prop 8, but they're still recognizing the marriages that happened before the ban. That's. . .something, at least.

Obama's appointment to the Supreme Court makes me happy. Her story is amazing, and I have so much hope for that it's ridiculous.

(ETA: I'm also mywholecry on Dreamwidth. I'll just be cross-posting to there, I think. Unless, of course, there's a Great Fandom Migration. In which case, all bets are off XD)
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MY CHILDHOOD, LET ME SHOW YOU IT. This is totally why I am who I am today.
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Written for [ profile] noneedofcrepe! I hope it fits your canon <333

two-headed boy, all floating in glass
harry potter
450 words
summary: barty tells him about the dark lord, tells him that they are both old enough to understand their places in this new world.

you wanted to go back to where you feel safe, hear your brother's laughter, see your mother's face, but your childhood home is just powder white bone. you'll never find your way back. )

So! My idea with this was that Barty and Regulus obviously both have CRAZY MOTHER ISSUES, and Barty would kind of see Regulus as smaller/weak/defenseless, and he kind of takes up the maternal role, like he keeps people away from him (because he’s a delicate flower) and feeds him and shit. And at first Regulus is all: OH MY GOD, WHAT IS HE DOING? WHAT IS HE DOING? but then he figures out that he kind of likes the cuddling, and other people aren’t all that great, anyway.

Someday I might like to write more on this! Idek, though, since I seriously had to stop myself from signing up to write for the HSM Big Bang (bad idea, bad bad bad idea)>.>
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[ profile] tresa_cho requested Tamora Pierce femmeslash for this meme (there are still 7 drabbles open, by the way, if anyone wants to request one :D), and I've had a devoted love of Kel/Lalasa since I was a kid.

There are some d/S themes (because that's apparently my new favorite thing), since I tend to write out the naturally dominant and submissive roles when I write sex, and I remembered that Lalasa had that history of abuse (and maybe rape? IDEK, it's been forever since I've read Protector), and Kel has her whole Cold And Emotionless Yamani thing going on. I liked the idea of Kel giving up her control and of Lalasa taking it.

Title: the rest of her here
Rating: R (lightly)
Word Count: ~600
Pairing: Kel/Lalasa
Summary: Kel, for all of her fighting and odd, contained aggression, knows how to handle fragile things.
Warnings: mild sex, mild d/S

I'm developing my sense of humor, so I can laugh at my heart between your teeth )
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There's. . .freaking out? And heterosexual sex? Only a little bit of heterosexual sex. I've got to ease back into that.

For [ profile] lastfallen_hope, as her backup gift for [ profile] gossipgirlsanta! It's not much longer than the bit I already posted, but there's an ending and everything! <333

Title: wedding bands, cigarettes
Pairing: Chuck/Blair
Word Count: roughly 2500
Rating: R
Warnings: future!fic, marriage proposals, fluff, mild sex in a dressing room, het written by a mostly slasher
Summary: Chuck takes a deep breath before launching into an in-depth speech on the positive aspects of living with him, mostly involving never having to work while still continuing to live in the manner to which she has become accustomed and having him without the risk of being cheated on with multiple groups of prostitutes, because married men apparently have morals that single men do not.

those boys who kiss and bite, they are the brilliant ones who speak and write with silver lies. they sing in clever tongues, oh how my knees go weak to be the one she kicks and bucks )
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THE FIRST TEN PEOPLE WHO COMMENT TO THIS POST get to request a drabble/short!fic from any fandom (from my list. . .and possibly provide some form of prompt?) In return, those ten people have to post this in their journals, regardless of their ability level.

Fandoms: Harry Potter, House, The Sound and the Fury, Gossip Girl, Nightrunner, A Separate Peace, Torchwood, RPS (bandom-wise, Panic and Fall Out Boy mostly, but I can delve into MCR and the Hushies &c&c. I’ll try pretty much anything in indie bandom or just weird, random pairings), Tamora Pierce, Dead Poets Society, Swing Kids, Psych, High School Musical, a lot of random books and movies.

(It would be so super cool if you did this. Hopefully it will kickstart me to actual finish writing something.)


1. Tamora Pierce - Kel/Lalasa - for [ profile] tresa_cho
2. Harry Potter - Regulus/Barty - for [ profile] noneedofcrepe
3. The Sound and the Fury - Quentin/Caddie - for [ profile] fallen_woman
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I apparently started writing a bandom Faulkner AU without realizing it.

Panic all having Twitters = distracting, y/y. Y.

ryan blames what happened to brendon on himself. he always has. that’s what he tells spencer while he lays delicately on the floor, stomach exposed on the wood that’s warm from windows and a mississippi summer (remembers sweating through his shirt, though several younger years, tugging at the neck of his shirt, wearing smiles in the day and biting lips at night and breathless high laughter, long fingers and ice crushed on his skin), and spencer cranes his neck from across the room to hear him better. i should have watched him more, ryan says, or: it should have been me, been us. we could have dealt with it.

“we don’t really deal with anything.” spencer says, seriously, and ryan raises his neck from the crook of his arms and almost smiles at him, almost laughs at the look on his face. “i’ve noticed that, lately.”

It has Brendon/Shane and Ryan/Spencer and Ryan/Spencer/Brendon. And Quentin/Caddie, Faulkner's incesty pairing of uncomfortable love. And suicide! And crying! And cuddles!

Why, why, why do I do this. I actually have Gossip Girl het fic I have to finish writing for [ profile] lastfallen_hope, but this is apparently the story of my soul.
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s1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of 3 people.
4) Label which you would marry, shag, and throw off a cliff.

[ profile] noneedofcrepe gave me mine, and it was hard.

marry, shag, or throw off a cliff: moony_luna, sebastian flyte, and stephen colbert D: D: D: )
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So, Amazonfail.

There goes buying used copies of Buffy seasons for $7. My business is going elsewhere unless they manage to pull out a really amazing excuse. Which seems pretty impossible at this point.

information and links at [ profile] copperbadge

timeline of events

I don't even know. I got on LJ five minutes ago, and I found this. Happy late Zombie Jesus Day, guys.


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