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Written for [ profile] noneedofcrepe! I hope it fits your canon <333

two-headed boy, all floating in glass
harry potter
450 words
summary: barty tells him about the dark lord, tells him that they are both old enough to understand their places in this new world.

Regulus thinks it might have been a mistake to ask Barty for help with Potions. It’s kind of a rule for their year that people avoid Barty Crouch and that Barty Crouch avoids people, and this plan has gone on pretty famously, but he’s desperate now.

“I can teach you things,” Barty says, eyes a little off at the edges, a shade near fascinated as Regulus stares up at them, “if you want.”

I just wanted help with my homework, Regulus thinks, panicky, and Barty is still looking at him, still watching him. It sounds like he’s offering to teach him the secrets of the world (and that he probably could).

Regulus blinks at him.

“Please?” he whispers, and Barty’s smile looks real for once, not just a baring of teeth, lips stretched too wide.


It’s natural, after that, to let Barty help him with everything, to let him linger close whenever he wants and glare when anyone might come near. Regulus is okay. He’s never liked having a lot of people around. He isn’t his brother.

One night, in a pattern of nights when he is away from home, he lies awake and can’t stop moving. He tangles himself in the sheets until he can’t do anything but lift his shoulders from the mattress. He breathes heavily into the silence, fast enough to smother all the other noises, until he sees the curtains part to let in moonlight and a silhouette. Barty’s knees sink into the mattress as he crawls inside.

“What?” Regulus whispers, breath a little quicker.

“Shh.” Barty murmurs, presses a bone white finger to his lips. He unwraps Regulus gently, fingertips barely touching his skin. He pulls the sheets and blankets around both of them, tucking himself against Regulus’ side.

“You don’t have to. . .” Regulus starts, a little shaken, shifting away just so he isn’t touching him at all. Barty makes a noise from his chest, not quite a growl or a warning (too soft), and he turns to pull Regulus’ back against his chest, arms looping around him.

Barty hums a lullaby quietly into his ear, holding Regulus until he is used to it, until he stops trembling.


Barty tells him about the Dark Lord, tells him that they are both old enough to understand their places in this new world. He curls his arms around Regulus’ and talks with his lips close to his ear, kisses the soft skin below it.

“It’s going to be beautiful.” he says. “Oh, it’s going to beautiful.”

Regulus moves so their foreheads press together. Barty’s eyes are open, so he shuts his.

He wants to believe him.


So! My idea with this was that Barty and Regulus obviously both have CRAZY MOTHER ISSUES, and Barty would kind of see Regulus as smaller/weak/defenseless, and he kind of takes up the maternal role, like he keeps people away from him (because he’s a delicate flower) and feeds him and shit. And at first Regulus is all: OH MY GOD, WHAT IS HE DOING? WHAT IS HE DOING? but then he figures out that he kind of likes the cuddling, and other people aren’t all that great, anyway.

Someday I might like to write more on this! Idek, though, since I seriously had to stop myself from signing up to write for the HSM Big Bang (bad idea, bad bad bad idea)>.>
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